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TripleGoddess Collective Deejay Sessions Triple Goddess Fundraiser @ Synchronize

TripleGoddess invites you to join us for a night of heavy psy as we commemorate the end of winter and a threshold of expansion into new vistas of mental and spiritual exploration. We have some exciting things planned this Spring season as we bring our inclusive spirit of original, 21st century psytrance to the realm of open skies -- both in California's remote wilderness, and to sacred local spaces as well. To kickstart this process, we are offering an immersive night of psychedelic sights and sounds featuring both established and up-and-coming talent from the west coast underground scene. This very special night is a benefit both for our outdoor soundsystem costs, and for medical support for our dear friend and collaborator Psylotus! We'd love to see you and please, tell your friends.

Featuring music from:
  • Goldilox (Star Camp Shasta)

    Goldie is a veteran of the electronic music scene whose production work dates back to 1990. Her experience within an eclectic range of genres has yielded a deep and fresh psy sound, featuring tracks you won't find anywhere else. She is the mastermind behind the annual Star Camp Shasta gathering, and her nighttime set was one of the highlights of last year's Gemini party.

  • Shellfiche (TripleGoddess)

    Neha is the founder of Oakland-based TripleGoddess. Her contact with the psy scene began in the L.A. desert in the late 1990s with the Integral Gathering parties. Her dj sets are an elegant Aquarian fusion of deep and heavy bass with a sense of space and depth, incorporating mushroomy forest-trance sounds.

  • Cryptid (TripleGoddess)

    A lifelong collector of electronic music of all styles, once Sean experienced his first morning at a Gil party, he sold his music collection and started over. He approaches djing with a Solar orientation, with an ear for the more sincere and trippy side of the fullon, groovy sound.

  • Orgnsm (iOM, TripleGoddess, Konstrukt, System)

    Justin blew us away from the early days of the iOM warehouse parties starting in 2004 with his impeccable mixing and and epic, tech-infused sounds. In his psy sets, he pushes the boundaries of the genre with hard-hitting heavy-mental music, with an underlying industrial attitude.

    Orgnsm has a new projector and will also be lending his futurist video aesthetics to this event.

TripleGoddess is a collective founded in 2007 to promote:

  1. The cultivation of musical, artistic, and social diversity within the psytrance community.
  2. The advancement of economic and ecological justice.
  3. Demystification concerning the broader therapeutic potential of non-ordinary consciousness states.

Blessed Be, and see you on the dancefloor!


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